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If you wish to arrange a date with me, please write me an email, or just simply fill the form below:

My email: carsoescort@gmail.com

I'm available from 11am to midnight.

Please visit me in my beautiful downtown apartment a few minutes walk from major hotels!

Please try to make your booking well in advance, as I  accept  only one enquiry a day to avoid acting mechanical. I would like to ensure the most relaxing, memorable and passionate experience for both of us.

For your information, I'm no longer active in the porn business, permanently exited 5 years ago, due to the extreme health risks.
For your valuable booking, please provide:

- Your full legal name

- Hotel's name

- Your phone number

- Your age and nationality

- Exact time and duration of our meeting.

- Best is to book me well in advance. I hope you can understand that I need minimum 1 day advance notice to get ready and arrive to the meeting.

- I'm not available for multiple day meetings, sorry.

- For security reasons, I'm not available to visit you in your private apartment.

- I am an independent companion, not an agent. I will not organize for you porn stars or girls I have never heard of.

- I'm proud of my carefully selected lingerie. Please understand, that I can't sell it:-)

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