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I have a strict policy not to accept bookings from gentlemen who shop around heavily and book multiple escorts in Budapest.

For your information, I'm no longer active in the porn business, permanently exited 5 years ago, due to the extreme health risks as detailed below.

There's a regular and severe STD infection within the Hungarian porn industry, and majority of the porn actresses work as escorts.


If you meet an infected porn star during your Budapest stay, you may get infected and may also infect me, absolutely no way I'm willing to take that risk.
(Source: http://www.xbiz.com/news/153188)

My rates are so affordable, that I have no idea why you would want to save EUR 50 and go for an obviously fake website with a high risk girl.

There's a gipsy girl behind 80% of all Budapest escort websites. Many of the gypsies in Hungary carry hepatitis, HPV and chlamydia permanently, due to poor hygiene and as cannot affort being tested and get medical help.

I'm guaranteed to be perfectly healthy, clean and safe, get tested EACH MONTH by a Swiss Private Clinic, and will not compromise that.

If you are booking 3-5 escorts during your stay, you are surely doublebooking, i.e. going to cancel on someone last minute.

I do not allow last minute cancelations, as make a huge effort to prepare for each meeting.

If you book several escorts, clearly you go for quantity rather than quality, so I do not think I'm the right lady for you.

I consider myself as a very special lady who puts every effort to be on top of her industry. I do not think we have too much in common, if you are not selective and demanding with your companion.

Many escorts have agressive pimps who constantly threathen high class escorts.

If you share my private details with such girls, I'm in big trouble and will need to call my security advisors to deal with the situation.

Escort agencies in Hungary are ILLEGAL, independent escorts are not.

It is AGAINST THE LAW to operate an escort agency in Hungary, even though you see them all over the internet. Though some websites are still online, half of the owners are already in jail, as the police launched a major campaign to shut down agencies and prosecute owners on 11 January 2011. The rest of the agencies are under police surveillance, so better not to try your luck. Hotel staff is reporting to the Police on all cases of escort visit.

When you contact them, your details and phone number are recorded by police, and your correspondance is monitored. You will get a police record in Hungary (and in the EU) as a witness to criminal offence. As I operate fully legally, do not need any trouble by police because of clients who break the law.

Working as an INDEPENDENT ESCORT is NOT against the law, hence it is your only safe choice. I'm totally independent, not related to any third party.




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