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Hello Gentlemen,

Let me provide you with some insights into my inner world. I consider myself as a distinguished escort who represents the true sense of the term "high class", very unique on the Hungarian market. Let me explain you what I believe these credits are:

-I have strong credentials in the porn movie business, having made over 50 porn movies, therefore a very experienced provider on the technical side. As opposed to other escorts claiming to be able to provide you with a special service (the porn star experience) when it comes to private time, I don't make promises, I deliver. Special desires get fulfilled and special fantasies acted upon. Let it be role play, fetish, domination, or strap-on arrangements. I'm not just very open minded but have the know-how and expertise in all of these areas, so you are in safe hands.

(For your information, I'm no longer active in the porn business, permanently exited 5 years ago, due to the extreme health risk.)

-At the same time, I keep a very low profile on my porn star status. I never appear on public events or promotions, my face is not well known to the public, so you will never get into an uncomfortable situation when going out with me. Also, I guarantee that you will never feel intimidated or uncomfortable in our private time, as I always adjust to your own level, speed, needs and requirements and only introduce you to new experiences if you want me to. I will never put on a show, I genuinely enjoy the time spent together with my partner.


-In addition, in my private life I'm the most charming and easy going, caring and giving. I was told several times by my very appreciated regular customers that the reason they've chosen me is my warm and affectionate character, natural smile, big heart and alluring nature. It is very easy to bond with me and they can relate to me as a friend.

-Last, but not least, what is making the biggest difference to the mainstream market is the special emphasis I put on a highly elegant, graceful and tasteful appearance. I chose my clothes with special care and reinvest a considerable amount of my earnings into looking exquisitely classy and elegant. I only go for high quality, beautifully cut fabrics and pieces, classical black pant suits, skirts, beautiful shoes and accessories, so whenever you have to appear with me in public you will have a classy, refined and elegant lady on your arm as opposed to a cheap agency escort making you feel ashamed.


I hope that the above information was useful to decide if I'm the right lady for you. I would love to make your stay in Budapest a very pleasant and pleasurable one.

Please try to make your booking well in advance, as I accept only one enquiry a day to avoid acting mechanical and to ensure the most relaxing, memorable and passionate experience for both of us.



If you want to know more about me please visit my Bio page!



Thank you for your time and understanding.



Veronica Carso Independent PornStar Escort Budapest
Escortservice Budapest Independent Porn Star Escort Veronica Carso Budapest Escort
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